Converting empty spaces into graves for unidentified bodies in Gogjali, Mosul

Residents of Gogjali have buried almost 100 unidentified bodies in a makeshift cemetery. Corpses had been found lying in the streets after ISIS militants fled the neighborhood.

“Their parents came but could not identify them,” said one local. “They only found out through their IDs or belongings.”

In other parts of Mosul, families who have been forced to leave their homes are waiting to be transferred to camps in safer areas. Many had to find shelter in unused shops which lacked basic living necessities, such as water and heating.

Meanwhile, in al-Qadisiyah, Iraqi Counter Terrorism Forces discovered a prison which ISIS had used to hold inmates before fleeing the neighborhood. Iraqi forces found evidence that the group held Yazidi and Christian women captives in small and cramped cells unfit for human habitation.