Federal Police target key ISIS sites south of Mosul

Iraq’s Federal Police continue their advance on the right bank of Mosul’s southern axis, undertaking further sweeping and clearing operations around the town of al-Shura.

Search missions for run-away ISIS militants, who have either fled areas of conflict or are taking refuge in houses of liberated villages, are also underway as set out by the Joint Task Force. “We are working according to the plan set by the Joint Task Force,” said the head of the Federal Police, Raed Shaker Jawdat. “When we enter Mosul, we will invite you to it.”

‘Tons of weapons’ were also left behind by ISIS militants in areas now under the Federal Police’s control. This also includes large rockets that ISIS militants stored in a marsh near al-Shura; militants drained the marsh’s water to use its basin as an improvised storehouse for these weapons.

The Federal Police also discovered ISIS tunnels in the villages of Abba and al-Qahira, highlighting further examples of ISIS’s vast underground network.