Federal Police attempt to encircle ISIS in Mosul's Old City

Iraqi Federal Police are attempting to encircle ISIS in the Old City of Mosul as Iraqi forces continue to make progress in defeating the terrorist organisation in its last remaining stronghold in the country.

ISIS militants sought to capitalise on the poor weather and pause in attacks by Iraqi forces. Militants resorted to launching car bombs and mining houses and alleys in and around the Old City.

Iraqi forces are approaching the iconic Grand Mosque in western Mosul, the location in which ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, announced the establishment of his so-called caliphate in Iraq and Syria. Iraq’s Federal Police announced the capture of Pasha Mosque, Bab al-Sarai market and al-Adalah street in the Old City.

“Our plans were to surround the Old City of Mosul,” said General Haidar Darghalam of the Iraqi Federal Police. “Today we advanced from left and right. The old area is still surrounded by our troops and we have a plan for tonight. There are only a few areas, such as the Old City, which are very narrow, but our forces can enter them.”

Morale among the ISIS ranks has taken a hit over recent weeks after a number of their military leaders were killed in the Old City.

The capture of the Grand Mosque in western Mosul would be a significant milestone in the battle for Mosul.