Federal police Chief: 16 Km separate us from Mosul Airport

Nineveh – Iraqi federal police said on Wednesday, that security forces have become only 16 kilometers away from Mosul Airport, as battles continue to liberate the city from the grip of the Islamic State militant group.

Raed Shaker Jawdat, Federal Police Chief, said in a press statement, “Federal police forces had managed to free 12 villages near Hammal al-Alil,” adding that, “16 kilometers separate us from Mosul Airport.”

“Federal police forces continue to advance to liberate the rest of regions,” he added.

Iraqi government forces, backed by al-Hashd al-Shaabi forces, Kurdish Peshmerga troops and US-led international air forces, are proceeding with an all-out battle to free Mosul, the Islamic State’s last bastion in Iraq.

Meanwhile, operations, codenamed “We Are Coming, Nineveh,” have proven to be largely successful, with the Islamic State reportedly evacuating its wounded fighters from hospitals, closing down its secret prisons and facing food shortages.

Image: Iraqi News

Article: Iraqi News