Families destroyed after huge explosion targets civilians in Syria

In a tent after the suicide explosion that struck an evacuation operation in al-Rashidin neighbourhood in Aleppo, wounded casualties sit among their families. Young children’s heads are heavily bandaged, while women’s scars can be seen visibly on their faces.

Fatima Rashid who was struck in the blast explained that she did not even recognise her daughter whose face was burned.

“I was in the emergency room when I lifted the curtain and saw a girl whose face was half distorted, and she was in great pain,” says the woman. “I did not know who she was. They were curing my foot and I had an IV attached. When I woke up I remembered what my daughter was wearing, when they brought her picture I told them that this was my daughter.”

In another corner of the tent, a father sits with this three boys, all of whom were injured in the suicide attack. One of his sons, Haidar, is unable to open his eyes due to the extent of the swelling on his face.

“Now my children are in need,” he says. “Every day they cry calling for their mother, they want to see their mother, and they ask when will we leave? Hopefully we will leave and meet her.”

It is reported that 126 civilians were killed in the explosion in al-Rashidin including 68 children. Buses were transporting 5,000 people from the towns of Fuaa and Kefraya to Syrian-held areas under the ‘Four Towns Agreement’ which was reached representatives from the Syrian regime and the opposition.