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Twenty-Seven Ezidi Women, Children Returned To Sinjar District


27 Ezidi women and children have been returned to their families in Sinjar after being abducted by ISIS and taken to Syria.

Twenty-seven Ezidi women and children who were abducted by Islamic State (ISIS) militants in 2014 have returned to Sinjar from Syria.

NRT Digital Media reporter Nazir Shangali said on Monday (May 6) that the Ezidis were rescued by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and have been in living refugee camps in Rojava.

“They were handed over to their families in the Khanasur community in the district,” Shangali said.

In August 2014, ISIS militants attack Sinjar and the Nineveh plain. They killed thousands of Ezidis and raped and sold Ezidi women into sexual slavery.

An estimated 6,417 people were abducted in the attack.

Of that number, 3,451 out of that number have been rescued so far, but the rest are still missing.

Image: NRT

Article: NRT