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Education huts set up in Zaatari camp in Jordan for Syrian refugees

Middle East

The Acting for Change organisation is implementing innovative ideas to provide for the education of Syrian children in the Zaatari Refugee Camp in northern Jordan.

At the Zaatari Education Centre, which provides educational services for Syria children and adults, a new dome has been built by the Acting for Change Organisation as part of the centre’s expansion.

The Zaatari Education Centre, which is located in a Syrian refugee camp in Zaatari, northern Jordan, provides education to more than 75 children, as well as courses in literacy to adults living in the camp. The Education Centre hopes to expand their educational services soon to include computer courses for adults.

The dome was built using traditional mud brick methods to be used as both classroom and as a centre for recreation.

“We call this dome several names, a classroom, a dome and a place to play as we do a lot of things in it,” said one of the teachers from the Education Centre. “In the future we will put a projector [in the dome] to watch images and animations. [The dome] has many uses and it benefits us more than caravans.”

Previously, caravans were used as classrooms for the Education Centre. However, their small size and tendency to overheat in the summer meant they were unsuitable for long term use as classrooms.

“We need this structure because we need more space. Caravans, which are being used as classrooms, are small. Therefore, we need more space,” said one of the representatives for the Acting for Change Organisation. “We also needed buildings built with local expertise. The dome was [built using] a technique called ‘Super Adobe.'”

The expansion of the Zaatari Education Centre will enable more children and adults that have been displaced from Syria to access education. Jordan currently hosts more than 1.4 million Syrian refugees, many of whom are living in camps across the country, which lack the educational infrastructure required to provide every family with a decent standard of schooling.