New displacement camps erected for thousands fleeing Western Mosul

New camps to accommodate for the rising number of displaced people fleeing the ongoing conflict in western Mosul are being erected to the east of Iraq’s second largest city.

A displaced person living in a camp on the outskirts of Mosul said that he had to leave his neighbourhood due to the mortar shelling and poor living conditions. “There was no end to the living conditions, you don’t have anything to sell because it has all been sold we didn’t have food to eat, we didn’t have anything,” explained the man. “We became tired. After two and a half years of ISIS oppression we became tired. We don’t have anything left except for this camp.”

Governmental, charity and humanitarian organisations continue their efforts to receive displaced people fleeing from the ongoing conflict, in addition to providing food and essential living provisions.

However, organisations are under increasing pressure to cope with the thousands of people leaving Western Mosul every day. More than 31,000 have already left the western part of the city since the commencement of operations, according to the Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement. The UN estimates that the total number of civilians who have been forced to escape the conflict stands at 176,000.