Displaced people from Sinjar, Idlib, lament lack of humanitarian support

Locals from the village of Sinjar, which is located in southeastern Idlib Province, have bemoaned their situation in IDP camps after being displaced as a result of fighting in the area.

In recent weeks, Sinjar has been on the frontline between the Syrian Army and Opposition forces. Since the beginning of December, pro-government forces have been making incursions into Idlib Province, the largest rebel-held territory in Syria. Sinjar is one of a number of villages gained by the army during this time.

The town is also a couple of kilometres away from a pocket of ISIS-held territory, which has grown as a result of the ensuing battles between the Syrian Army and Opposition forces.

The clashes in Sinjar have forced most of the residents out of their homes, adding to the growing humanitarian crisis in the area. Approximately 300 families are now settled in camps far from the frontlines, although many have lamented their poor situation.

Owing to the harsh winter conditions, the cold and rain have made conditions in the camp treacherous. Paths are long lines of wet, heavy mud, and occasional rain showers leaks into tents, which one resident says costs anywhere between 50-100 thousand Syrian pounds (roughly $100-$200).

One man even said how heavy rain overnight collapsed the tents, forcing many to go without sleep as they rebuilt their shelters. The man also questioned the lack of humanitarian help on the ground, with no organisations reportedly visiting the area.

“Where are the organizations? We did not see any organization or anything,” said the man. “The children didn’t sleep all night because of the water. The tent fell on us during the night, look at mud and water. We haven’t seen any organisation.”

Despite the displacement, clashes are ongoing in Idlib Province. After taking control of Abu al-Duhur town on Monday, the Syrian Army have attempted to consolidate their position. However, overnight on Monday and into Tuesday, rebel factions, spearheaded by the coalition Hayy’at Tahrir al-Sham, launched heavy attacks in an attempt to regain positions.