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Deir Ez-Zour Locals Cope With Heat Amidst Lack Of Electricity


People from the Syrian town of Kasrah, west of Deir ez-Zour, have opened up a factory to make ice for the townspeople. The town gets very hot in the summer due to absence of electricity and geographical location next to a desert.

As the summer season approaches, certain regions of Syria, especially the desert areas, will see a dramatic increase in temperature. Due to damaged infrastructure, some areas are lacking in electricity and so there is a shortage of fans and air conditioning systems. This is the case in the town of Kasrah, within the desert regions of the province of Deir ez-Zour, in the east of Syria.

The residents of Kasrah have thought of innovative ways to cope with the onset of the extreme summer heat in the absence of electricity. A small factory has been set up to produce ice cubes on a daily basis. Around 200 ice blocks are produced daily by the workers and are distributed among the local population and to the surroundings towns and villages.

This initiative also comes at the most suitable time of the year as Ramadan will begin from 15 May. During Ramadan, Muslims in Deir ez-Zour will be fasting from sunrise until sunrise each day for around a month and so will be feeling more fatigue than usual, so efforts to deal with the excessive heat will be welcomed by locals.

Kasrah is located on the northern banks of the Euphrates River close to Deir ez-Zour city and is currently under the control of the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces and under the general political administration of the PYD (Democratic Union Party).

The region was largely liberated from ISIS militants and since the liberation efforts there have been several similar reconstruction and rehabilitation projects implemented by volunteers and/or local councils connected to the PYD.

The stability of the area over the past few months, in the absence of significant confrontation between the SDF and the regime’s Syrian Arab Army (SAA), has allowed for the rejuvenation of towns like Kasrah in Deir ez-Zour province. The presence of ISIS in the province also continues to diminish as the SDF resumes its military operations against the remnants of the terrorist group there.

Image: Jorf News