The displaced people of Daraa arrive to Hama following ceasefire


Over 420 displaced people from Daraa have arrived in Hama after a deal was struck with the Russian army. Families in Hama have prepared meals for the displaced people entering their city.

After approximately a month of intense fighting in the southern Syrian province of Daraa between the Syrian regime and rebels, hundreds of rebel fighters and their family members have been evacuated and moved to northern regions of Syria.

This convoy has taken rebel fighters from Daraa to the rebel-held Qalaat al-Madiq in the Hama Province, in accordance with the ceasefire agreement reached through the intermediary of Russian negotiators. The convoy consists of 9 buses and between 400 and 430 people. They will eventually be sent to the Sadd Camp.

A kitchen has been set up for the displaced people. It has prepared 150 meals for the families and has provided them with dates and water after a journey that took around 16 hours from Daraa to Hama Province.

The United Nations estimates that 271,800 people have fled the hostilities thus far, moving towards the Jordanian border and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Almost the whole of Daraa Province has been brought under the control of the Syrian regime over the past few weeks. The focus is now on the neighbouring province of Quneitra, which borders Israel and includes the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) that has been upholding the ceasefire agreement of 1974 between Syria and Israel.

This is not the first time that rebel fighters from southern areas of Syria have been sent to the north. Following the recent conflict between rebels and the Syrian regime in Douma, east of Damascus city, rebel fighters and many of their relatives were evacuated from Douma and East Ghouta and were transferred to Idlib Province and Aleppo Province.

There are fears in the rebel-held provinces of the north that after the recapture of the southern territories, the Syrian regime will then move their focus back to the north and aim to eliminate the now relatively small pocket of territory left in rebel hands.

Image: Step News Agency