Culture and Arts Organisation launches book exhibition in Qamishli


The Culture and Arts Organisation continues to propagate the culture of reading among the people of Qamishli through its second book exhibition.

In Qamishli, northeastern Syria, a literature and cultural fair has been held for the city’s residents. The event, which brought together hundreds of people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds, including Kurds, Arabs and Assyrians, was the second fair of its type to be held in the city.

“Many events [were] held during this exhibition,” said one of the members of the organising committee. “Besides the presentation of the books, there [were] lectures. Four lectures [were] given in six days.”

In addition to the lectures, open table discussions were held over the course of the exhibition. “There are several topics related to music, theatre, culture and art that [were] discussed at the [open] table,” said the member of the organising committee.

The Qamishli Association of Educated Women contributed a number of artworks that its members had previously created. The paintings were exhibited around the centre along with photographs that had been submitted to the exhibition by the media office of the Asayish (Kurdish police).

“In light of technological development and the extensive use of technical equipment, the continuation of the paper book is a necessity,” said another of the exhibitions organisers. “I am very pleased to come to this exhibition where the Kurds, the Arabs and the Syriacs are able to meet.”

The exhibition is the second of its kind to be held in Qamishli. The organisers of the event hope that it will encourage the development of cultural education amongst the city’s residents, and among the younger population in particular. Through education, city officials hope to take advantage of human talent and expertise to transform the city of Qamishli, which has suffered from the economic stagnation that has affected the whole of Syria during its seven year long conflict.

“I think more people have attended this year than last year,” said the event’s organiser. “Without literature, human talent and expertise cannot be taken advantage of and no society would be able to advance. This event is not concerned with boasting about buying books or cultural bragging. This is a matter of making use of the experiences of other peoples and working to benefit these communities”.