Cultural Heritage Exhibition In Zakho Celebrates Iraqi Art


The first Forum of Fine Arts took place in the city of Zakho, northern Iraq, exhibiting numerous paintings, sculptures, and drawings.

The Hawajes Foundation for Culture and Arts has held a cultural festival in the city of Zakho, northern Iraq, which aims to showcase the works of regional artists, painters and sculptors who are immersed in Fine Art.

Under the slogan “With Love We Can Meet And Create” and in conjunction with the Directorate of Culture and Arts in Zakho, more than 100 artists and creators presented their works of fine art to citizens from the region.

“This exhibition is one of the most important cultural exhibitions for building Iraqi culture,” said one artist. “It is trying to establish cooperation among the Iraqi public, whether in Baghdad or in the Kurdistan Region, through these ideas.”

The festival in Zakho is the first in the city but the third of its kind, with artists travelling from the cities of Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Mosul and Dohuk. For the artists taking part, this festival retains immense importance in fostering an atmosphere of culture and creativity for Iraqis.

“This festival in particular renews confidence and hope in the hearts of Iraqi creators in all provinces,” said another artist. “This festival emphasises that culture will not stop and that beauty imposes itself strongly as this festival seeks to strengthen the bonds of love, familiarity, and brotherhood among Iraqi creators from all backgrounds.”

Since the defeat of ISIS in Iraq, numerous artistic openings have emerged in parts of country once held by the group. ISIS militants ruled the areas under their control with brutality, banishing artistic and musical endeavours.

While Zakho was spared from ISIS’ rule, given the group never reached the northern border with Turkey, events like this one are a reminder that despite the dark past, people are hoping for a colourful future.


One of the paintings at the exhibition in Zakho, northern Iraq


Another painting at the exhibition in Zakho, northern Iraq