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Construction Work On The Mosul Dam Is Completed After 3 Years


American and Italian staff are supporting the construction work being implemented on a vital energy source in northern Iraq - the Mosul Dam.

After three years of repair work, the Mosul Dam, which lies on the Tigris River, is finally back in operation. Following ISIS’ defeat in the city, the Iraqi Government in cooperation with an Italian company, Trevi, and the US Government began operations to repair the damage that has been afflicted on the dam. According to the Iraqi Government, the dam has already paid off all of the expenses that it cost to repair it.

“Today a symbolic delegation came to celebrate the completion of the necessary works on the dam of Mosul, especially maintenance work,” said Jamal al-A’adily the Iraqi Minister of Water Resources. “It is important to mention that the amount of water in the dam has covered all the expenses that have been spent this year.”

Since the dam contributes significantly to Iraq’s economy, water and electricity sectors, the US government has confirmed that it will be allocating $120 million to follow up on the maintenance and reinforcement of the dam. “To prevent any danger caused by the Mosul Dam, and at the request of the Iraqi Government, the United States allocated 120 million dollars to the US engineering corps in Iraq to work on the Mosul dam as advisers and technicians,” said Matthew Tueller, the new US Ambassador to Iraq.

According to the technicians and engineers working at the dam, around 200 new advanced mechanisms were used in the rehabilitation procedure.  As a result, the staff, who were previously trained on the old mechanisms that have been in use since 1986, have now been trained to operate the new infrastructure properly.

“The work shift is 12 hours, and we carry out drilling and continuous maintenance through modern engineering means,” said an Iraqi technician at the dam. “The equipment was prepared by the Italian company Trevi, which supplied us with excavators and basic materials.”

With the repair work that was finished on the dam, the Mosul Dam, which at one point was in danger of collapsing during ISIS’ invasion, is now back in operation and is much more advanced that it was previously. With its completion, Iraq hopes that the dam will fulfil the water and electricity needs of the country, especially as the country is on brinks of a water crisis due to the mega-dam being built in Turkey.