Violent clashes between Syrian regime forces and opposition continue in strategic city of Daraa

On the outskirts of the southern Syrian neighbourhood of Manshiya in western Daraa, the violent clashes between regime forces and the armed opposition continue as both sides attempt to control this highly strategic area. 

The area stretches from Wadi Zeid, split between the two neighbourhoods of Daraa Mahata and Daraa Balad, and overlooks the road between the city and Ramtha. The opposition, which has failed numerous times to penetrate the defences of the regime army, is continually trying to progress despite failing to do so, in the city that is known as the capital of the South.

The government wants to gain full control of the province in order to regain control over its southern border with Jordan. The opposition is believed to have launched the offensive in a bid to obstruct an attempt by the Syrian army to seize a strategic border crossing with Jordan and territory which would split the city.

The Office of the UN Secretary General is “concerned” by the escalating situation in Daraa where over 9,000 residents have fled their homes according to Farhan Haq, the deputy spokesman for the UN Secretary General.

Daraa has been referred to as the ‘cradle of the Syrian revolution”, as it was the first province to rise up against the Syrian regime in 2011.