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Civil society group helps to improve conditions in Ein Issa camp


The participants mainly consisted of young and middle-aged men who are having difficulties making decisions for the IDP camp in Ein Issa.

Aso Network, a civil society organisation and media outlet based in northern Syria, held a workshop for displaced people living in the IDP camp in Ein Issa, a few kilometres north of Raqqa city, the former de facto capital of ISIS in Syria. The workshop centered around transferring decision-making skills to inhabitants of the camp who are interested in managing and administering its affairs.

The workshop targeted male members of the Ein Issa community between the ages of 20 and 70.

The main objective of the activity was to reorient them, enhance their self-confidence, inform them about the mechanisms of decision-making, develop their positive thinking, and activate their communication skills. “In general, all people need these life skills, especially people living in camps and facing difficult circumstances”, said Muhammad Ali Uthman, a trainer who led the workshop.

Participants of the workshop were pleased with the training and outcome. They were able to relate to the subject matter and the skills they obtained were pertinent to the real problems that they face in the camp.

“The workshop is excellent. The questions are all clear and reflect the reality that we are living”, remarked Yahya Ali, a participant of the workshop and inhabitant of Ein Issa camp.

The same civil society organisation, Aso Network, has conducted other workshops in the camp, tackling different issues. Recently, Aso Network conducted a workshop on countering extremism, which sought to teach parents how to raise their children and rid their minds of the horrors that they saw under ISIS rule. Indeed, many of the inhabitants of Ein Issa camp are former residents of Raqqa city, which was ruled by ISIS for over 3 years since its liberation by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in October 2017.

The conditions in IDP camps such as Ein Issa are tough for their inhabitants, especially during the winter season when the weather becomes harsher and people need more food supplies and heating devices. Inhabitants gaining skills in decision-making and management may contribute to the better administration of the camp’s needs.

Image: Aso Network