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Children With Special Needs In Kafr Nabl Participate In Art Exhibition


In Kafr Nabl, Idlib Province, children and adults gathered to showcase their talents at an art exhibition for children with special needs.

The art exhibition in Kafr Nabl was organised so that local children with special needs would have a channel through which they could express their emotions, thoughts, and their general creativity.

Parents brought along their children to showcase their talents at the art exhibition and they proudly state how their children have been able to overcome any previous difficulties as their creativity shines through.

“Tala has enjoyed the exhibition very much. I sensed that when she goes home, she redraws the drawings and rewrites the written and painted characters”, stated one mother at the exhibition. “This makes us happy as parents, and I am very happy because she is my daughter. I thank the sponsors of this small project, which has had a great impact. We have seen my daughter enhance her abilities. She has become more energetic and active”.

Children with special needs have been a particular focus among volunteers and civil society activists in the rebel-held province of Idlib. For instance, a local charity in the rebel-held province of Idlib organised a collective iftar for children with special needs in a variety of camps.

In addition, patients with physical disabilities have been taken in at a hospital in Kafr Nabl, despite the severe lack of financial and organisational support.

There is a growing fear among political analysts that Idlib Province will be the next target of the Syrian Regime’s Syrian Arab Army (SAA), supported by its international allies. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has expressed an apprehension that the expected offensive on Idlib will leave around 350,000 children homeless and helpless. It stated that “in the rebel controlled province there are more than 1 million children: exhausted of war, fearful of uncertainty, violence and further displacement”.

The instability in the Idlib region will not bode well for the health and civil society sectors as security tensions heighten.

Image: Baladi News Network