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Campaign in Lebanon Educates Citizens on Dangers of Domestic Violence

Middle East

A campaign entitled "We’ve come home" launched by the civil society organisation "Abaad" is spreading awareness about the dangers of domestic violence in Lebanon.

A bus taking members of the Abaad civil society organisation traveled from the Lebanese capital Beirut to the south of the country. Members of Abaad conducted a workshop with women from the region to educate them on the dynamics of domestic violence.

“In 2016, the number of beneficiaries reached more than 10,000. Through “We’ve come home“, Aba’ad provides awareness activities on health and the law. Also, we provide psychological support services for mothers within the framework of gender awareness”, explained Hani Salihani, the coordinator of the “We’ve come home” programme.

The different manifestations of domestic violence, reasons for why it happens and the physical as well as psychological dangers that it entails in family and social life were all discussed as part of the campaign. Legal issues concerning the rights women are granted with regards to domestic violence were presented, as well as academic perspectives on the matter.

“We were taught about the protection we have access to and the laws that protect us as women against domestic violence”, noted one of the participants of the workshop.

A range of women, both old and young, as well as local Lebanese women and Syrian refugees, were gathered as part of a workshop where lectures were given on domestic violence as well as performances that gave a theatrical twist to the issue.

Other projects targeting women as an audience have been implemented in the south of Lebanon. Recently, the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has organised workshops in Southern Lebanon to promote gender equality. One workshop provided women with a training course for women learn about soap-making using local traditional techniques and to present these techniques to UNIFIL personnel. A similar initiative was recently launched by UNIFIL in the village of Harris, also in Southern Lebanon, wherein women were supported to make local food products with a donation made by the organisation. Other types of training courses are also being provided such as first aid and internet usage.