Art exhibition has showcased local talent in Manbij, Syria


The Committee of Culture and Art in Manbij, northern Syria, was established following the liberation of the city from ISIS and recently held an arts and culture exhibition.

In Manbij, northern Syria, the city’s Committee of Culture and Art recently held an art exhibition entitled A Glow From Manbij. The exhibition was held in a theatre that was converted from a former coal depot.

“We started the A Glow From Manbij exhibition on 12th August 2018 which lasted for three days, until 14th August 2018,” said Doha Shalash, the Joint Chair of the Manbij Committee of Culture and Art. “The exhibition included a number of events and began by presenting a documentary film about the history of the Committee of Culture and Art and about the work it has carried out for over a year. The exhibition coincided with the celebration of the liberation of the city of Manbij and included various lyrics and poetry recitations. Also, a theatrical performance entitled ‘Returning Home’ was performed.”

The committee was formed in the summer of 2016 immediately following the defeat of ISIS in the city by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The committee’s stated aims are to restore the city’s arts and cultural heritage, which was decimated and outlawed during the city’s occupation by ISIS militants.

Last week, the residents of Manbij celebrated the two year anniversary of the defeat of ISIS in their city following the SDF’s three month long campaign. Over the past two years, the local Manbij Civilian Council has taken on the responsibility of clearing the city of any mines left behind by the militants and oversee the city’s economic revival. Moreover, the Civilian Council was able to restore water and energy supplies to the city’s residential and business districts.

The return of safety and security in the city has ushered in a new era for its residents, who have experienced peace for the first time since the Syrian Government lost control of the city in 2012. Markets are now open 24/7, selling everything the residents of the city need to live a comfortable and nutritious lifestyle.