First council of Anbar tribes to unify fight against ISIS


Anbar – Khalidiya District Council in Anbar province announced about forming the first council of Anbar tribal fighters. The council will include 5000 fighters from all the tribes in the province and the council has been formed to unify efforts against ISIS.

The Head of the Security Committee in Khalidiya District Council Ibrahim al-Fahdawi said that “the leaders of the tribal fighters in the province have decided to form the first council of Anbar tribal fighters that will consist of over 5000 fighters. This has been done to unify the efforts against ISIS.”

Fahdawi added, “The council comprises the leaders from different tribes and will work together and guide the fighters and the combat troops to fight terrorism and sleeper cells in Anbar.”

“The council does not belong to any political party, and its main mission is to develop and prepare the tribal fighters in order to be able to impose their control over o the liberated areas,” he said.

Image: Iraqi News

Article: Iraqi News