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Ministry of Migration and Displacement provides aid to people in Old City of Mosul


The Governor of Nineveh Province, Nofal al-Akoub, has launched initiatives to clear Old City of Mosul of rubble and provide its residents with food and water. The initiative is in cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement.

In coordination with the Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement, the Governor of Nineveh Province Nofal al-Akoub has provided the citizens of the Old City of Mosul with much-needed aid. Al-Akoub told citizens that they would be rebuilding homes and working to return services such as water and electricity back to the city. Citizens praise the work of Mr. al-Akoub saying he is one of the only politicians who cares for the citizens of Mosul.

“The governor always takes the lead to provide the residents with services such as reconstruction, rubble removal, and municipal work,” said a resident of the Old City of Mosul. “Mr. Nofal is one of the officials who is following the situation in the Old City. He has been following up our situation for two or three months.”

Following the liberation of the city in July 2017, the Old City of Mosul has seen very little reconstruction by the government. Official estimates say that 80% of the city’s infrastructure has been destroyed, and it will take at least $30 billion and ten years to rebuild the city of Mosul.

Despite these disheartening estimates, the citizens of Mosul have not given up on their city. Tens of thousands of people have returned to their homes since the liberation with many of them taking part in the reconstruction efforts themselves.

This has inspired international and local organisations to contribute to the rebuilding of Mosul, each in their unique way. While some organisations focused on rebuilding homes, other focused on cleaning the streets and neighbourhoods from the rubble and the remnants of war left behind by ISIS.

Some volunteers decided that one of the best ways to help their city revive is through bringing back the culture of music and art that ISIS had banned during their rule.

While these initiatives all show that the residents of Mosul want to return to their normal lives, the Iraqi government must take further steps to reconstruct the city now that the military operations are over.

The steps that Mr. Akoub has taken show that the local and federal government of Iraq is serious in pursuing reconstruction efforts in Nineveh Province. “We thank the Governor for this assistance to the poor and the martyrs,” said a citizen of Mosul.