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Activists form team to help victims of ISIS in Iraq


In the absence of government attention to the needs of ISIS' victims, volunteers in the Iraqi city of Baiji have set up funds to support the injured and their families.

The 1000 Dinar Volunteer Team has launched projects to provide assistance to those who suffered at the hands of ISIS in the town of Baiji in the Salahuddin Province of Iraq.

A young ten-year-old boy called Omar was one of the victims of ISIS’ heinous crimes, as he was shot by the terrorists and now suffers from paraplegia: “ISIS militants opened fire on Omar which led to his paralysis, and he has been using a wheelchair for 3 years. The government did not care about his condition and was never concerned about our situation”, explained Omar’s mother. 

The team of volunteers are involved in raising financial donations from people to help those affected by terrorism.

Omar is not the only case we have handled as there are a lot of cases similar to Omar’s. Also, we provide for surgeries from the money we collect from merchants and people”, explained Asma al-Hamdani, a member of the 1000 Dinar Volunteer Team.

Infrastructure and private property, which were destroyed during the war on ISIS, is another domain where this group is active. To date, the team has been able to build five homes for victims of terrorism.

“4-5 houses were built for the families of martyrs, orphans, and victims of terrorism. In one donation campaign, $400 was collected and in another one, $500 was collected. In a campaign which lasted two or three days, $2,500 was collected”, mentioned another member of the team.

Charity initiatives such as these have been commonplace throughout Iraq since the defeat of ISIS in the country. For instance, a similar initiative was implemented in Dohuk Province, in northern Iraq, to provide support for Yazidi children who were made orphans by ISIS terrorists. Orphanages were opened to house the children who came from Sinjar, where large-scale massacres were committed by ISIS against the local Yazidi population.