7,000 civilians leave Wadi Barada as fighting continues

More than 7,000 people from Wadi Barada have been forced to flee their homes since 22nd December amid continuing clashes between Syrian regime forces and rebel opposition groups.

Wadi Barada, which has been the epicentre of violent clashes since the announcement of Syria’s ceasefire, is home to one of Damascus’s largest sources of clean running water. During the fighting, water infrastructure has been affected, causing shortages for around four million Damascenes.

The Syrian regime and opposition groups have blamed each other for the water crisis. The former claim that rebel groups have contaminated the water sources with diesel, whereas the latter accuse the regime forces of damaging its infrastructure.

Now in the third of week without clean running water, doctors from Damascus have stated that children are beginning to fall seriously ill and are increasingly vulnerable to diseases. Furthermore, water and food prices have surged in the city.