2,000 arrive at Mosul's Hammam al-Alil camp daily, escaping ISIS oppression

Refugees who are fleeing from the conflict in Mosul continue to arrive into Hammam al-Alil, as a further 2,000 civilians seek help.

United Nations’ Humanitarian Aid camps are in critical condition according to the UN. Supply of temporary homes and beds are at an all-time low, medicine and food are scares and demand is at the highest level now since the conflict began.

Men are subject to security screening which is a burden on the displaced, in light of the lack of services in the camp which are susceptible to collapse. As one security officer states, “we take the identity of males only to be checked on computers. If anyone appears to be wanted by security services, then he is isolated from his family. We inform his family that this man is taken for investigation”.

Furthermore, epidemics are also on the rise, with aerial borne diseases spreading at a rapid rate.  According to figures more then 300,000 people have been displaced with many tens and thousands dead due to the conflict. Many civilians are here in search for family members, while others are now the only survivor of their families.

Rebuilding efforts are far off the UN’s radar as it stands, dealing with the immediate crisis is more urgent and as more of Mosul gets liberated, this urgency also increases.