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Yazidis liberated in Syria handed over to Sinjar Council


24 Yazidi women and children liberated in Baghouz have been taken by the Yazidi House in Amouda and are being transferred to the Sinjar Council.

Dozens of Yazidis were found to be held captive by ISIS militants in the Baghouz region of eastern Deir ez-Zour Province. They were found once those territories were liberated from ISIS by the incoming Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Many of these liberated Yazidis were moved to al-Hol IDP camp in Hasakah Province.

Most of these Yazidis are originally from Sinjar, sometimes also known as Shengal, in the Nineveh Province of Iraq. Many of them were taken on long journeys to multiple locations across eastern Syria. Faris Khalaf, a 12-year-old Yazidi boy from Sinjar, recounts how he was moved from town to town by ISIS militants:

“At first, ISIS took us to Kojo. Then they wanted us to go to school from where they were planning on taking our mothers. Then they told everyone to go home. Then they took us to Tal Afar. We stayed there for almost a year. From there they took us to Mosul. We stayed there for another 3-4 months. Then they took us from Mosul to Albu Kamal. They gave us lessons in Albu Kamal and then we were taken to the Euphrates. After that we went to Hajin. We stayed in Hajin and studied at the mosque. We stayed there for 5 months. We were then taken to Shaafa. We stayed there for about a year and then we were moved again. After Shaafa we then went to Kishmah. We stayed there for about 2-3 months. We then returned from Kishmah to Shaafa. We stayed there for about a week or two. The Kurds were then advancing. We were taken to Baghouz. We were besieged and they told all the families to go to al-Hol. I went there with my family”.

Over 20 Yazidis, among them women and children, were recently moved from al-Hol IDP camp, Syria, to Sinjar in Iraq, with the help of the Yazidi House located in Amuda, in Hasakah Province.