Yazidi woman gives testimony of her enslavement by ISIS


This video features a young Yazidi woman who talks about how ISIS enslaved her and others when they entered her town.

Yazidis have been of the most oppressed ethnic minorities by ISIS. They are mainly present in northern Iraq in Sinjar and Tel Afar. In the August of 2014, ISIS seized Sinjar, perpetrating the Sinjar Massacre  killing 2000 Yazidi men and taking the women as slaves. On 13 November 2015, the Peshmerga, backed by US airstrikes, recaptured the city in its entirety.

Tel Afar and its neighbouring villages are still under ISIS control. The city was captured by the militant group in June 2014.

Sinjar and Tel Afar have long been the home of the Iraqi Yazidi community. The UN estimates that 5000 Yazidi civilians have been killed by ISIS.