A woman from Mosul describes ISIS torture

In Mosul, a distressed widow who was captured and abused by ISIS militants speaks about her harrowing experience.

She says that upon her capture, ISIS fighters said that she was no longer free –she had become a slave. “They said ‘you are our slave'”, she recalls them saying. “‘You and everything they own. Even your children, we own them not you'”.

Her husband had been killed by the group. When she mentioned that he was a victim of ISIS terror, a militant struck her around the head. “He hit me and broke my teeth. After that they took me to a house and imprisoned me. Then I fled from there, and I was caught.” Militants then chained her up and continued to beat her.

This is just one of many civilian accounts recalling the abuse and torture perpetrated by ISIS. Also in Mosul, a boy describes his experiences of being indoctrinated by ISIS’ violent ideology.