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Water crisis blights the lives of residents in Raqqa


The issue of access to drinking water has caused severe problems in the daily lives of Syrians suffering from the civil conflict.

Damage done to the infrastructure of Raqqa is causing severe problems for the water system of the city. Leakages in the pipeline network are leading to the contamination of water and thus potable water is not reaching the homes of residents in the city.

Civilians living in Raqqa city describe how they are forced to drink contaminated water, some of which is brought from elsewhere in tankers that transport diesel. The city itself has extremely little access to water.

Others find water outside of Raqqa and bring it into the city to sell it to civilians.

The Raqqa Civilian Council has not stood idle and it has sent in teams of technicians to repair the water network, a process which they say will take around a month, after which the city will supposedly be supplied with drinking water. The technicians have been sent to detect leakage points in the pipeline network.

An official from the Raqqa Civilian Council mentioned that the main water supply station is located in the Kasra area and this station supplies water to the city of Raqqa and to its southern environs. The Council operated one section of the station for around 6 hours a day and provided water to a dozen or so villages in the Raqqa region. They expect to provide more water to the city of Raqqa in the near future after the completion of repair works.

The issue of drinking water has blighted Syria during the civil conflict. Extensive damage to infrastructure connected to water systems across the country. In addition, the importance of water to human life and communities has been exploited by combatting groups, including ISIS, throughout the conflict in order to harm communities living under the rule of antagonistic groups. The water crisis has been especially acute in besieged areas such as the Rastan pocket in northern Homs and eastern Ghouta.

Image: Al Watan