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Volunteers and NGOs are replanting gardens in al-Bab, Aleppo Province


In the city of al-Bab in Aleppo Province, volunteers and NGOs backed by Turkey are replanting and rehabilitating the city's gardens.

Volunteer groups in the city of al-Bab in Aleppo Province, northern Syria, are restoring and replanting one of the city’s largest parks for the enjoyment of the city’s residents.

“This is the largest park in the city of al-Bab and it existed before the revolution,” said one of the volunteers working in the park. “The Council of al-Bab City, in cooperation with Turkey, is rehabilitating it.”

The restoration of one of al-Bab’s city parks is part of wider reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts following the almost complete destruction of the city during the battle to end the ISIS occupation. An estimated 75% of the city’s infrastructure was decimated during the battle, with the only power supply coming from imported generators and the only drinking water coming from nearby wells.

ISIS were eliminated in the city on February 23rd 2017 following a three month assault by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK)-supported Free Syrian Army coalition.

The assault, which came as part of the broader Operation Euphrates Shield, severely weakened ISIS as an organised group, who were battling against similar concurrent anti-ISIS operations in the major cities of Raqqa, Palmyra and Mosul.

Immediately following the defeat of ISIS in al-Bab, the city’s residents that fled during the militant group’s two year occupation or during the subsequent battle to eliminate the militants, began returning to their homes. Moreover, many residents were able to reopen their businesses in buildings that had not been completely demolished once any IEDs left behind by the militants had been disposed of by the security forces.

Since the defeat of ISIS in the city and the surrounding region, the residents of al-Bab have enjoyed relative stability which has enabled them to initiate large infrastructure reconstruction projects. In addition, volunteers and civil society groups have been working to restore the city’s culture and recreational facilities, such as the city’s parks.

Earlier this month, construction was completed at a brand new and fully-equipped hospital to replace medical facilities destroyed by ISIS. The hospital, called the Grand Hospital of al-Babhas the facilities to provide extensive medical treatment to the residents of al-Bab.