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Volunteers supported by Asiacell establish 2 schools in Mosul


A variety of organisations have cooperated to reconstruct, rehabilitate, and re-open schools in the Old City of western Mosul.

Local authorities, a non-governmental organisation and Asiacell, the first telcommunications company in Iraq, all joined forces to support the establishment of two schools in the beleaguered city of Mosul, the capital of Nineveh Province.

The general campaign has been called “Tomorrow, We Graduate”, referring to the resumption of education in Mosul following the interruption of lessons during the period of ISIS rule that engulfed the city for over three years until its liberation in July 2017.

The non-government organisation involved is the volunteering group called “Volunteer With Us”, which has partnered up with Asiacell and employees from the Directorate of Nineveh to implement the project. One of the most prominent schools in the Old City of western Mosul, the Babylon School, was reconstructed as a result of the implementation of this project. In addition, Asiacell distributed bags of school equipment to the students in the Old City of Mosul.

“The Babylon school, which is close to our homes in Mosul’s Old City, was opened today. We thank all those who contributed to this project and we thank the Mowsleya Channel for covering every important event, which concerns Mosul’s Old City and the people of Mosul”, said a resident of the city.

Local residents are pleased with the efforts made by the volunteers, although they are still dissatisfied with the amount of attention paid by the central authorities to the plight of the people of Mosul.

“We thank all those who have contributed to the reconstruction of this important school in this area, Mosul’s Old City. We call on the Ministry of Education and the government to equip the school and secure stationery because the people’s situation is not well”, said another local resident.

The volunteers, civil society groups and local authorities in Mosul have made the provision of education one of their top priorities during the reconstruction process.

Image: Al Mawsleya