Volunteer campaign to plant 2000 trees in Mosul University


The campaign to plant trees in Mosul University is one of numerous civil society initiatives launched in Mosul since liberation

A new campaign has been launched in Mosul University to celebrate World Tree Day and revitalise the university’s gardens.

Local volunteers and students, in conjunction with Nineveh’s Agricultural Directorate, came together to plant 2,000 trees and shrubs in order to restore the gardens to their former status as a ‘green oasis’.

The campaign is further evidence of life returning to Mosul University and the city of Mosul in general since its liberation from the so-called Islamic State in July last year.

According to the volunteers, students and officials present during the campaign, a vast array of beautiful plants and trees will be planted, including roses, pines tweets and large shrubs.

“Many ornamental plants and various trees such as Baby Roses, Pine trees, Melaleuca viminalis and Coffee Roses were planted,” said one of the participants.

The campaign is the first of its kind in Mosul University. However, the volunteers intend to continue this campaign to the rest of the city by reforesting Mosul and returning green spaces to the city, which were so heavily damaged by war.

“We praise all the good people who love this good city,” said another volunteer. “The reforestation campaign in Mosul is aimed at wiping out the effects of devastation that have even destroyed the trees that send messages of hope, peace and life”.

This initiative carried here is one of many undertaken by civil society groups and local Moslawis since the defeat of ISIS last year. Since that time, students have returned to their studies in Mosul University and the first mall reopened following its destruction by ISIS militants.