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The UNDP has launched plans to build 10,000 houses in Mosul


The UNDP plan will concentrate on the construction of thousands of houses in the Old City of Mosul, one of the most damaged parts of Iraq.

The Old City of Mosul, located in the very centre of the city on the western side, was damaged extensively during the battles to liberate Mosul from ISIS. The terrorist group’s disregard for the local residents and infrastructure has meant hat wideranging reconstruction efforts are required. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has taken a significant step towards rebuilding the Old City as it plans the construction of 10,000 homes.

Local constructors in Mosul will receive funding from donor countries represented by the UNDP to evaluate the construction project. A separate part of the project involves the reconstruction of the Sukkar Bridge, which connects the Khosr River with the eastern part of Mosul, where the city’s main university is situated.

The UN has been involved at various stages of the reconstruction of Mosul since the city’s liberation in July 2017. At the start of 2018, representatives from the UN visited the Old City to evaluate the extent of the destruction as well as the situation with regards to the return of internally displaced people (IDP)

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) is also said to express an interest in restoring the cultural heritage of Mosul’s Old City as a means of reviving the organisation’s own reputation following the withdrawal of funding from the United States last year.

In addition, the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) was involved in assisting with the dismantling of mines left behind by ISIS in Mosul as well as evaluating the amount of debris in the city.

One of the most important cultural symbols of the Old City was Al-Nuri Mosque and its Hadbaa minaret, which was destroyed by ISIS during the final stages of the battles with the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF). The United Arab Emirates (UAE) held its first meeting recently on the reconstruction of Al-Nuri Mosque following a pledge in April to donate $50.4 million to its reconstruction.

Image: RC Press