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UN delivers convoy of humanitarian aid to Rukban


Humanitarian aid has finally reached the Rukban refugee camp, near the Jordanian-Syrian border after a year-long blockade. The UN envoy delivered food and medical supplies to the around 50,000 residents in the camp.

Syrian refugees living in the Rukban refugee camp located in the triangle between the Iraqi, Syrian and Jordanian border have finally received humanitarian aid, after being cut off from assistance for nearly a year.

In addition to the lack of aid, refugees living in the camp faced challenging weather conditions because the camp itself is located in the Syrian Desert, which regularly sees sandstorms in addition to the low temperatures in the winter.

The UN convoy that was allowed to enter by the Syrian regime delivered food and medicine to the 50,000 refugees currently residing there.

“Today, they entered the camp and saw the conditions of those displaced and sick, and the children who need vaccines. The vaccination team started its work this morning,” said a Syrian refugee living in the refugee camp. “Our children in Rukban camp have not taken any vaccine doses for three years”.

Several years ago, the Rukban refugee camp hosted around 100,000 people; however, the number dropped dramatically because any access to the population there was restricted. Many of the residents returned to areas controlled by the Syrian regime despite not knowing the fate that was awaiting them there.

Furthermore, according to the residents, over 20 people have died in recent months due to lack of medical aid for the children and elderly, many of whom had chronic illnesses.

In October of this year, residents of the city began to appeal to the UN and other international organisations to deliver aid to them and find a solution to their situation.

“We call on the international community to find a radical and final solution,” said another refugee in the camp. “We demand the relocation of the camp to northern Syria under the auspices of the United Nations or its inclusion in the [list of] UN’s refugee camps”.

While this is not a final solution to the refugee crisis in the Rukban refugee camp, it shows that a resolution based on humanitarian motives is possible in the country which has witnessed almost eight years of warfare.