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Ennahda and Qalb Tunis Announce Victory in Parliamentary Elections

North Africa

Following the victory of Qais Said in the presidential elections, Ennahda and Qalb Tunis declare their victories in the parliamentary elections.

The two largest parties that will be represented in the Tunisian Parliament following the second round of the parliamentary elections will be Ennahda and Qalb Tunis, drawing little surprise. The final results have not yet been released, however the initial reactions show that Ennahda and Qalb Tunis have been victorious. The Democratic Current and the People’s Movement have also recorded successes in the second round.

In the first round of the parliamentary elections only 41% of Tunisians came out to vote in the recent parliamentary elections, with a majority of the population abstaining. Ennahda had come out on top in the first round with Qalb Tunis a close second, just as seems to be the case in the second round.

The parliamentary elections aim to form a government that will have control over a wide range of domestic policy issues. The recently-held presidential elections are organised for the election of a President who will have control of foreign and defence policies.

Exit poll results have been released for the second round of the presidential elections in Tunisia between Qais Said and Nabil Karoui. The exit polls in Tunisia reveal that Qais Said has defeated Nabil Karoui in the presidential elections by a wide margin. The polls show show that Qais Said gained 76.9 % in the second round of the presidential vote, leaving his rival Nabil Karoui with a mere 23.1%. The Emrod Institute puts the proportion of votes for Said slightly lower at 72.53%. 58% of the electorate is said to have participated in the second round of the presidential elections.

The wide gap between the two candidates comes as somewhat of a surprise since the results in the first round were so close, as Said had won 18.4% and Karoui 15.58%. There were fears that the second round would be delayed due to the detainment of Karoui due to fraud charges, however he was released just before the second round of the vote which took place in the end.