Month-long conflict in Tripoli has resulted in a humanitarian crisis

North Africa

A month has passed since Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar announced the military offensive on Tripoli. Fighting is still continuing.

The military offensive launched by Haftar and the Libyan National Army (LNA) on Tripoli has led to no gains on either side of the conflict an has simply led to several detrimental consequences for the local people of the city. Thousands have been displaced from their homes, either forcibly or as a choice to avoid remaining entrenched in the midst of a protracted battle. The deterioration of the humanitarian situation has been an additional factor in motivating local residents to flee their homes. Some neighbourhoods have turned almost completely into battlefields between the LNA and groups supporting the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA).

An emergency relief committee working to take care of the displaced people stated that it has registered around 11,000 families so far, providing them with shelter centres where their basic needs are met.

On the ground, the military battles are raging on. Nevertheless, there have been several calls to end the fighting. Recently, a group of 41 Members of Parliament (MPs) from the Tobruk-based government, known as the House of Representatives (HoR) which technically supports Haftar and the LNA, visited Tripoli and protested against the military offensive on Tripoli. Despite the rivarly between the GNA and HoR, the MPs from Tobruk are more concerned about the grave humanitarian consequences of Haftar’s military offensive and the detrimental consequences this may have on the political peace process in Libya, especially since the offensive was launched only a few days before the rival political factions were set to meet at a UN-led National Conference in Ghadames in mid-April.

The LNA recently announced that it had made gains in the Sebea’a area to the south of Tripoli and that militias supported the LNA are gathering in Saladin, Tajra and Karimiya. Troops loyal to the GNA have stated that they are repelling the attacks from the south.