Tribes of Hawija and Kirkuk denounce and disassociate themselves from ISIS

In a conference held in Kirkuk, Hawija and Kirkuk tribal chiefs and Arab figures of South West Kirkuk stressed cooperation with Iraqi security services and disassociation from the terrorist ISIS group.

“The tribes declare their disassociation from ISIS through conferences and public initiatives,” said Rakaan Sa’eed al-Jabboury, Kirkuk’s Deputy Governor at the conference. “Secondly, lists with any ISIS militants’ names and evidence shall be provided to security corps.”

Also addressed during the conference was the concern over reprisal attacks in al-Hawija after its liberation. Some residents maintain allegiance with ISIS who may resort to typical ISIS counterattacks, such as suicide bombing and the planting of IEDs.

Dialogue among different tribes and ethnic groups in the north of the country is vital for Iraqi society in the fight to tackle ISIS and strengthen community cohesion once ISIS is defeated. It is hoped that such conferences will help to achieve these goals.

Meanwhile, in a conference in Baghdad, Islamic scholars express their encouragement and support for Iraqi Security Forces in their efforts to defeat ISIS.