Torture and abuse witnessed in an ISIS-run prison in Raqqa Province

A victim of ISIS abuse said he was lashed and stripped of his clothing while being held in an prison run by ISIS militants in al-Jarnia, Raqqa province. “I was lashed 52 times. They stripped me of my top and trousers, lashed me and put me through religious ‘dawra’ [training],” said the man.

ISIS is known to have established prisons and secret detentions centres in its strongholds, and can hold thousands of inmates.

One witness, who lived close to an ISIS prison, said that people leaving the prison after being tortured were unable to walk.”If there was someone smoking,” said the witness, “they would take him, put him inside and keep him for four days. He would get out but wouldn’t be able to [move]…”

In ISIS’ last Iraqi stronghold, Counter Terrorism Forces discover one of the group’s largest secret prisons in al-Qadisiyah neighborhood, Mosul.