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The main hospital in Tikrit is being rebuilt after ISIS destruction


Local authorities are working to rehabilitate and rebuild the main hospital in the city of Tikrit. The reconstruction project is taking place with coordination between the UNDP and the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

In April 2015, the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and the Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU) defeated ISIS in the city of Tikrit in Salahuddin Province, ushering in a period of reconstruction and rehabilitation in the city. Three years after the defeat of the militant organisation, the city of Tikrit is still being rebuilt by Iraqi and international organisations. In the latest rehabilitation project, Tikrit’s Teaching Hospital, one of the largest health facilities in Salahuddin Province, which was sabotaged and destroyed by ISIS, is being rebuilt by the Iraqi Department of Health in coordination with the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

“After the liberation of the city of Tikrit and the governorate of Salahuddin, the Salahuddin Health Department, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and UNDP, started the reconstruction of the hospital, which is the largest hospital in Salahuddin province and includes 460 beds,” said an official from the Governorate of Salahuddin.

According to concerned authorities, the rehabilitation of the hospital will take time because it has been extensively damaged. Before starting the reconstruction project, the workers had to remove tons of rubble and remnants left by ISIS.

“The project includes three stages. The first phase is the rehabilitation of the hospital infrastructure represented by water, sewage, electrical extensions and other systems such as electronic systems,” said one of the construction workers.

The project management confirmed that the workers are nearly done with stage one, and that stage two has also begun. The project is set to be complete in less than 18 months.

In the nearby city of Baiji, the city’s hospital has been rebuilt and is now open and offering limited medical services to the population there.

The reconstruction of the Tikrit hospital and the Baiji hospital is a positive step towards the rebuilding of Salahuddin Province’s health service.

Following the defeat of ISIS in Iraq in December 2017, the Iraqi Government with coordination and support from international organisations have begun the reconstruction of the country. While the cost of rebuilding is estimated to be about $88 billion and will take over ten years, Iraqis are hopeful that their destroyed cities will be rebuilt better than they were before.