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Teachers in Deir ez-Zour work hard despite a lack of support and equipment


Teachers in Deir ez-Zour are doing their best to provide students with an education despite the numerous challenges they face, including lack of support and equipment.

In the village of al-Jassmi in Deir ez-Zour province, schools are continuing to operate despite the lack of support, equipment or heating. According to the administrators, the  lack of heating has forced many students to stop attending.

“We are in al-Jassmi’s secondary school. The number of students used to be around 700-720, but the number has decreased,” said Ayoub al-Allawi, a teacher at the school. Furthermore, the school, which has not received funding or support from any party or government institution, is also short on staff. However, this has not stopped the remaining teachers at the school from continuing to teach their classes, with many of them hoping that the conditions will improve soon.

“With the onset of winter, children are suffering from the cold. Frankly, no official has come to the school,” said Khaled al-Harbi, a teacher at the school. “We do not receive any support from any organisation or body as if no one cares about this school or the region in general.”

The teachers say there are many reasons that the school hasn’t been able to operate fully.

Amongst these reasons is the lack of a coherent curriculum for the teachers to teach their classes.

“We opened the school four months ago, and there is no curriculum, teachers teach students using their information and are trying to remove this generation from ignorance,” said Harbi.

Teachers who currently work in the school say that while they are considered part-time teachers, they have to act as full-time teachers to adequately educate the students and follow up on their problems.

While the situation in Syria is gradually improving, educational facilities throughout the country have not yet received their dues, with many schools suffering to maintain the students due to lack of equipment such as desks.

In the city of Raqqa and other areas that were under ISIS control, many of the students have also missed many years of education.

While all of these problems must be dealt with soon, teachers in schools throughout the country are continuing their battle to improve learning, inside the walls of educational facilities.