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Tal Afar: Teacher Provides Students With Free Educational Materials


Suhail Ali, a teacher in Tal Afar, northern Iraq, is providing free educational materials to destitute students at school.

Tal Afar was one of the areas with a heavy ISIS presence during the terrorist group’s rule over large parts of Nineveh Province. Their presence had a detrimental impact on the educational sector in the city.

Nevertheless, the sector has been undergoing a rehabilitation process since the liberation of Tal Afar from ISIS, as children have returned to schools to resume from where they had left off. With educational resources and materials lacking, teachers are taken the initiative to provide students with the necessary tools to gain the education that they deserve.

Suhail Ali is one of these teachers, who is giving science lessons at the “Progress School” in Tal Afar. He is providing students with educational materials at his own expense.

“Due to the lack of educational materials for the science course, I made some of these materials for the fourth, fifth and sixth grades with the encouragement and cooperation of the school administration and the supervisors. The purpose of using these materials is to deliver the scientific information to the mind of the student in the fastest and easiest way. The materials were appreciated and admired by parents, supervisors, and school visitors”, noted Suhail Ali.

Suhail Ali uses practical tools to scientifically demonstrate and explain natural phenomena to his students who are appreciative of his efforts.

“The first time we came to this school, Professor Suhail brought pictures of some natural phenomenon that we did not know about. Professor Suhail brought pictures and devices to explain the science curriculum to us”, stated one of Suhail Ali’s students.

Over two years have passed since the liberation of Tal Afar from ISIS following military battles with the Iraqi Security Forces. The city has been undergoing a reconstruction process since then, including the refurbishment of damaged schools, which has allowed for children to return to schools and resume their education.