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Residents of Tal Afar enjoy stability a year on from liberation


One year after liberation from ISIS, the residents of Tal Afar are enjoying the stability and freedom that they now have. They say that this stability is due to the efforts and sacrifices of the Iraqi Army, Police and the PMU.

Just over a year has passed since the Iraqi town of Tal Afar, located in the northern Nineveh Province, was liberated by a coalition of military forces headed by the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF).

Local residents in the town are expressing delight at the progress that is being made in terms of reconstruction after the damage and destruction that ISIS had reeked between 2014-2017 and the battle of liberation in late August 2017.

Several improvements have been made in Tal Afar over the past year, especially considering the damage that was inflicted onto the city. The roads, water, electricity and medical services, as well as the conditions of the houses and living conditions in general have all have improved”, said a member of the local municipality.

Local residents were keen to celebrate the anniversary of their town’s liberation and wished to congratulate the whole country on that occasion:

“We would like to congratulate the Iraqi people and especially the people of Tal Afar with the liberation of their city with special thanks to the security forces, army, police and PMU forces. They have done a great job.  Life in the city is safe. As you can see, everything has returned to normal and we do not have any problems”, said a local from the town.

Tal Afar is located just west of the city of Mosul, which was regarded as ISIS’ de facto capital. Tal Afar became the focus of attention after the liberation of Mosul, which took place in mid-July 2017. The liberation of Tal Afar marked the expulsion of ISIS from its main strongholds in Nineveh Province. This gave impetus to liberation operations in the country thereafter, especially the Anbar Province.

Tal Afar was freed from ISIS by a coalition of forces that included the ISF and the Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU).

Image: Arab 24