Tal Afar: The Next Battle Against Daesh In Iraq

After more than eight months of fervent battles to retake Mosul, Daesh was eliminated on 8th July. But the small remnants scarpered to the final Daesh stronghold in northern Iraq, Tal Afar, located to the west of Mosul.

After the liberation of Mosul, Daesh claimed Tal Afar was an ‘independent state’, separate from Daesh-controlled territory in another consorted attempt to distort the truth.

Stories keep emerging from Tal Afar about Daesh brutality: bribery and extortion, ransacking homes, abductions, raping and torturing women and young girls, and mass executions. But, executions are not limited to the civilian population. Reports suggest that Daesh has recently executed over 15 of its members in Tal Afar for attempting to defect.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has issued an official statement that Tal Afar is the next target of military operations. Iraqi Security Forces have already recaptured villages surrounding the town and isolated it from the Syrian borders and the rest of the province.

Daesh has internally collapsed. They are in total disarray, their support is waning, they have lost 60% of the totally territory they once held in Syria and Iraq, and their militants are defecting.

Image: Reuters/Thaier Al-Sudani

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