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Union Of Syrian Engineers hold workshops on reconstruction in Syria

The Union of Syrian Engineers held workshops in Maarat al-Numan, Idlib Province, Syria, to keep local engineers up to date on the latest developments in the field.

In order to train engineers for the aim of reconstructing Syria in the future, the United Syrian Engineers organisation has launched a training project in three different centres within the
governorate of Idlib. The centres were spread across the cities of Idlib, Marat al-Numan, and al-Dana.

The organiser’s objective behind these centres is to train and develop engineer’s expertise so that they are involved in future projects.

The centre  opened in Maarat al-Numan has developed a course which trains engineers in modern computer engineering apps. “We have taken engineering programs in our study, but during the past years, our expertise has become limited.” Said Jameel Tweish, a trained engineer and participant in the training courses. “As time progresses, programs become more sophisticated and more modernized, and we are learning about them now.”

“For the engineer, the importance of engineering programs is saving time. It enriches the difficult hand-sketching, the productivity of which is fast, highly efficient and offers advanced capabilities,” said Aymen al-Hassan, a trainer in the Maarat al-Numan centre. Due to the technological advances, “computer, printing, and output are in a permanent evolution, all of these make engineering work at its finest.”

However, the organisers of this project are facing problems due to the lack of a clear curriculum to give to the trainers. As a result, they have depended on using the trainer’s own experiences to teach the courses.

As Syria enters its 7th year of conflict, many citizens have found themselves unemployed and unable to enter the job market efficiently due to lack of training and expertise. Others have left their professions as engineers and have started working in other fields.

With centres and programs like the one launched by the United Syrian Engineers, those who lack expertise are able to get their qualifications and expertise. Additionally, those who have left their engineering professions, are rehabilitated and strengthened. The organisers hope that their programs aid unemployed engineers in finding a job so that they can help in reconstructing their country.