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Khayrat al-Furat: Women's Empowerment Project in Syria


The Yasmeen Association is implementing a project called "Khayrat al-Furat" that aims to enable women in the region to be self-sufficient.

This project is aimed particularly at widowed and divorced women, especially those who have been isolated from the public sphere and have no working experience outside of the home. The women who are taking part in the workshops as part of the Khayrat al-Furat project are taught skills and given the confidence to earn their own living and improve their self-confidence both in private and public.

“This is the first vocational training project for them and it lasts a month. They are taught theoretical and practical lessons. In terms of the practical lessons, we teach them to make certain types of products such as pickles, jams, etc. There are 50 trainees and after a month, each one will be able to open a simple shop to cover her needs and not to ask anything from anyone. The objectives of the project are to develop the ability of women, enhance their self-confidence, and support their children”, explained Raqiyah al-Abd, who is in charge of Public Relations at the Yasmeen Association.

The women participating in the project have expressed how they have benefited from it:

“I participated in this project because I am a mother of orphans and this project may help me to support my children and provide for them. Here we have learned the best ways to make products and benefit from selling them”, noted Umm Muhammad Hussein.

Following the elimination of ISIS in northern and eastern Syria, the role of women in society has been at the forefront of political and social projects being implemented in the region.

Several civil society organisations have been active in campaigning for awareness of social issues related to women and in boosting the presence of women in the public sphere. The majority of these organisations are concentrated in the Jazira region of north-east Syria, operating under the governance of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.