'House of Artists' opens in Domiz Camp for Syrian refugees in Dohuk


The House of Artists is a centre that was opened in the Domiz Camp in Dohuk, aiming to help Syrian refugees with a talent gain professional assistance in order to help them with a career in the art sector

Arts and culture are gradually beginning to flourish in the Domiz Camp for Syrian refugees, located in Dohuk Province of northern Iraq. The House of Artists, which has recently opened in the camp, will aim to support musicians, artists and actors.

Musicians who do not have the means of recording their songs will receive support for their future recordings. Theatrical groups will be provided with audio equipment, clothing and accessories. In addition, painters will be able to access courses and participate in exhibitions that will be organised in the near future.

The Domiz Camp in the Dohuk Province of Iraq has been dubbed a “Little Syria”, since the large majority of refugees who have settled there have escaped from the northern parts of Syria. It is located only 60 kilometres from the Syrian border and is said to be the largest refugee camp in the whole of Iraq.

Domiz Camp was initially opened in 2012 for approximately 1,000 families. However, the population of the camp has drastically increased over the past 6 years, reaching around 32,000 people. During the early stages of the camp’s development, refugees were largely neglected by the local authorities and international organisations. Soon after, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) distributed tents, but conditions within the camp remained treacherous. Infrastructure since then has gradually improved and has been conducive to the economic dynamism of the camp, as a number of businesses have sprung up.

Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) has also been active in the camp soon after its establishment a number of the organisation’s doctors have been active in providing healthcare services to the refugees.

Iraq is now said to hold around 300,000 refugees, 250,000 of whom are from Syria. The huge majority of these refugees (97%) have settled in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), which includes the Domiz Camp.

Image: Arab 24