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Syria: Locals begin renovating schools to rebuild local education


The town of Basira, which is located in eastern Syria, has experienced something of a revival following the defeat of ISIS last year.

Basira is a prominent town in Deir ez-Zour Province, located at the junction of the Euphrates and Khabur Rivers, around 30km east of Deir ez-Zour city. It has reemerged as a trading hub since the defeat of ISIS inflicted by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) over a year ago. Reconstruction in the city has extended to the education sector as schools are being rebuilt by locals as part of a general reconstruction project.

Reconstruction teams have been dispatched by development organisations to implement the renovation of schools across Basira, most of which have been heavily damaged as a result of military clashes that took place in the city.

We are trying to renovate about 5 schools. With the help of the organisations. We are carrying out the rehabilitation despite limited capacities. We are currently repairing the electricity grid and then we will start painting windows, doors, and seats. We hope that there will be more support for repairing as many schools as possible so that more students will benefit”, said Muhammad al-Salman, who is participating in the reconstruction of the schools.

The reconstruction of the city has been multilateral in nature. Aside from the renovation of schools, the health sector has also been a focus of rehabilitation. Despite their very limited means, locals in Basira transformed a small house into a makeshift hospital specialising in the treatment of women.

In addition, the severe lack of safe and clean water in Basira was an urgent program after the liberation of the city. The irrigation stations located at the meeting point of the Euphrates and Khabur rivers went offline due to poor maintenance as a result of the military conflict. These irrigation stations were rehabilitated and resumed their functions last year.

These reconstruction projects are part of broader efforts being implemented by the political authorities in the north of Syria aiming to rebuild areas that have been devastated by ISIS terrorism and the battles of liberation.