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Syria: Kitchen provides Iftars to displaced people at Ein Issa camp


For the second year running, this soup kitchen at the Ein Issa camp in Syria has provided Iftar to the needy and displaced during the Holy month of Ramadan.

The Ein Issa camp for internally displaced persons (IDP) has been running for around three years now and those who have settled there are reliant on aid agencies and the local Raqqa Civil Council for assistance and the basic necessities. During the month of Ramadan Muslims are expected to fast from dawn till dusk and so the issue of food becomes an even more important one during this time.

The charitable soup kitchen has been present at the Ein Issa camp for a second consecutive year now and is providing Iftar (dinner for breaking fast) every evening at the camp.

The meal today is beans with meat. Sometimes it is soup with meat, or potatoes with meat, pasta with meat, or vegetables stuffed with rice and meat. We ask for more support from the organisations that hear and watch us, and we hope that the kitchen will remain open for the benefit of the people of Ein Issa camp. The people have asked for the kitchen to be open and they come to eat”, said Aisha Abd, who is working for the soup kitchen.

The conditions in the camp and the rise in temperatures, as we approach the summer heat, have made fasting difficult, and so this charitable giving is needed at this time more than ever.

The situation is good, but fasting in this hot weather is a bit difficult. Water and bread are available but the food is limited. The general situation of the camp is good but we would still like to see more”, noted Yousif Ahmad, an IDP who has settled at Ein Issa camp.

A variety of charity organisations have been active at the Ein Issa camp over the years. Activities have ranged from educational initiatives to counter-extremism workshops, among many other forms of support.