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Centre for Women’s Empowerment and Development Opens in Jarablus


This women-only centre provides assistance so that local women in Jarablus, northern Syria, can be taught skills for future employment.

Around 30 women are enrolled at the Centre for Women’s Empowerment and Development, which opened as part of the Jarablus Public Education Centre.

Women are taught to hone a variety of skills, such as sewing, computing and hairdressing, providing them a basis for gaining further employment in the future and giving them the opportunity to be visible in the public sphere, something that for many of them has been impossible up until now.

They are also taught Turkish, which may become a useful tool for employment in the future, especially considering the proximity of Jarablus to the Turkish border and the heavy influence that Turkey has had on the town since it was captured by Turkish-backed rebels in recent years.

“At the end of the course, the centre gives the trainees a certificate to prove their experience so that the participating women can work in the field in which they have been trained. Thus, women become active members of society”, noted Amira Najjar, the Director of the Centre for Women’s Empowerment and Development.

The Centre also possesses a nursery for the children of the female attendees so that they have the opportunity to gain skills while having their children taken care of.

Other centres similar to this one have been founded in the various regions of Aleppo in order to empower women and activate their public role in society. These centres have received a large number of women in the cities where they have been established, from the city of al-Bab and Jarabulus, east of Aleppo to the city of Azaz in the north of Syria.

The city of Jarablus was formerly under the control of ISIS until it was captured by the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army in 2016. Turkey has since played a significant role in the reconstruction process of the city.