Syria: IDPs moved from Rukban camp to Hama countryside


The humanitarian conditions for displaced people in the Rukban camp, on the Syrian-Jordanian border, had been deteriorating for months.

Syrian IDPs from the Rukban camp located on the Syria-Jordan border have now moved to camps in the countryside of Hama Province, in the hope of improving their situation.

While only dozens of families have moved so far, thousands more are expected to evacuate in the upcoming months. The IDPs who lived in the under-funded camp say that their lives in the camp were very difficult and they had to move to live.

“Bread is expensive, and there is a shortage of water, patients suffer, and no one cares about him, there is no medicine,” said Yousif Khalaf Shhada, an IDP that recently moved to Hama from Rukban. “We received aid twice through the United Nations.”

According to many reports by the UN and other international organisations, residents of the IDP camp have suffered from malnutrition and lack of medical care in the camp, resulting in the death of many people throughout the past few years.

Furthermore, both the Syrian Regime and the Jordanian Government have blamed each other for the lack of aid being delivered to the camp.

Before 2016, aid used to be delivered to the residents through Jordan. However, when ISIS controlled some of the borders between the two countries and killed Jordanian soldiers, Jordan halted aid deliveries and relied on Damascus to deliver aid to them.

This resulted in aid being almost completely cut from the residents until January and November 2018, when both Syria and Jordan agreed to allow the UN to deliver aid to the residents.

As of early 2019, Jordan began pushing for the camp to be dismantled and for residents to return home.

While many of these displaced people dream of returning home, they fear that the Syrian regime, who is controlling many of their areas will harass and punish them.

However, as the situation becomes worse, IDPs began to look for alternatives. As a result, many of them began to move to Hama to change their situation

“We chose this place where we can get a job, and we can settle down and rest. We hope to find work and improve our situation. God bless the army,” said Shamsa, an IDP from Rukban, currently living in Hama.

According to the UN, the evacuation plan is taking place after an agreement was struck with Russia. The UN stressed the need to protect the IDPs from Syrian Regime harassment since they will be moving to areas under his control.

As the displaced people try to rebuild their lives in the new camps, they continue to grasp to hope, saying their suffering will end soon.