Syria: Internally Displaced Persons Seek Shelter Amidst Conflict


Two internally displaced persons, themselves brothers, who fled military conflict in northern Syria retell their experiences in finding shelter on their own.

Khader al-Izzu and Fathi al-Izzu, two brothers from the city of Ras al-Ayn, were forced to leave their homes as a result of shelling that targeted their village. In search of shelter, they found a water tank that they have transformed into a small room to accommodate themselves and their children following their displacement.

“The shelling started randomly above us directly on the village. We were forced to take our children and get out of our homes to save our lives and we were afraid of beatings and chaos, so we turned to our land, but we didn’t find any place to settle. All of the villages around us are full of people and IDPs from other nearby villages, and so we had to settle somewhere and accept it as our shelter until we can go back home”, explained Khader al-Izzu.

The Izzu brothers have been unable to find space in the nearby villages and IDP camps due to the immense influx of displaced people into these areas and so they have resorted to any means possible to shelter themselves and their children.

“The situation of the water tank, as you can see, is tragic, and our children’s future is destroyed. Schools are full of IDPs”, noted Fathi al-Izzu.

Those being displaced from the Ras al-Ayn region are escaping the military conflict that broke out following the launch of the Turkish-backed military offensive in northern Syria, dubbed “Operation Peace Spring”. The creation of the “safe-zone” running approximately between Ras al-Ayn and Tal Abyad has pushed thousands of local people out of the area.

Thousands of internally displaced persons (IDP) from across northern and eastern Syria have been settled in Hasakah Province following a series of military battles involving various forces. The largest of these camps is al-Hol camp, which houses a large proportion of ISIS-affiliated individuals. Another prominent IDP camp in the region is in Arisha, south of Hasakah city. Many of those escaping the region have also been settled in camps across the border in Iraq Kurdistan.